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Net ZERO and Well-being

Circular In-finity invites entries showcasing the world in 2030. The goal is for these creations, such as "Sophie's World," "The Goal," and "The Inequitable Owl" (a film about climate change and the SDGs), to facilitate deep learning and behavioral transformation. The international concept competition, "Infinity in 2030," was organized with the expectation that the submissions would inspire significant learning and behavioral shifts. The report has been archived in the National Diet Library archives.

Additionally, a partnership has been established with FILMe, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cinematic expression, connecting with the art workshop in Dubai and the YUMEPIC Space Cherry Blossom Contest.

In our pursuit of an inclusive society, we also aim to collaborate in advancing universal schools.

Contest "2030 as 〇〇" and example of works incuding movie and novel.

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