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CI Announces the COPilot to 2030 Initiative: Pioneering a Sustainable Future Through Japanese Insights

Invites of educators and nonprofits to a unique, year-long exploration of Japan's untapped potential, fostering data-driven insights and empathetic connections 

SAITAMA, JAPAN, November 14, 2023 / -- Circular In-finity (CI), a proponent of sustainable development and educational innovation, has launched the COPilot to 2030 initiative. This year-long program is designed to support a select group of five projects each year, chosen for their potential to leverage CI’s unique resources towards achieving global Carbon Neutrality by 2050. The booth launched on 7th Nov at Japan Pavilion online in COP28. The website is proudly introduced on "G7 Platform for Net-Zero and Well-Being in Life"( with its launch on 13th Nov. 

"Equity for Everyone of Education and Empowerment on the Earth”

— Founder of Circular In-finity

CI’s COPilot to 2030 initiative grants access to the "EABOC" (with Fig. "Scope of the World") service, which provides a detailed mapping of Japan’s multifaceted dimensions. This analytical tool uncovers the breadth of the country’s resources, from its economic prowess to its cultural heritage, aimed at enhancing global understanding. 

Simultaneously, CI's NSS (With Fig. "State of Mind") service offers an introspective look at the psychological and sociological aspects driving Japan’s innovative spirit and community ethos. This initiative is geared towards fostering an empathetic approach to education and non-profit activities, understanding that the mindset of individuals is a crucial factor in driving change. 

By restricting the program to five carefully selected projects, CI ensures each initiative receives a high level of attention and resources, thereby maximizing the impact of the collaboration. This approach allows CI to provide not only data and analysis tools but also mentoring and guidance to ensure each project's success.

The COPilot to 2030 initiative reflects CI’s commitment to transformative education and the empowerment of non-profit organizations. It is an invitation to explore the lesser-known aspects of Japan and to utilize this knowledge in the quest for a more sustainable and understanding world. 

Circular In-finity is dedicated to sharing Japan's hidden data and fostering connections that empower and enlighten. As we look toward the milestones of 2030 and the vision of Carbon Neutrality by 2050, CI stands as a guiding light for organizations ready to make a lasting impact. 

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