In a blend of ancient wisdom and modern innovation, an elf who has witnessed over a millennium has made a poignant decision to abstain from participating in the anticipated World Idea Challenge 3 (WIC3). This announcement comes at a transformative time for Circular In-finity, which is rebranding as 'Feee' (For education, employment, and entertainment) and celebrating journey to its new status as an official non-profit organization (NPO) in Japan.

**Elf is April Fool**

WIC3's Theme: The Choice of Equity in Japan

WIC3 seeks submissions under the theme "The Choice of Equity in Japan," aiming to gather innovative solutions that promote social, economic, and environmental equity. This aligns with Feee's mission to create sustainable bridges toward a future where education, employment, and entertainment can flourish together.

Sponsors Introduction

Feee is honored to receive support from a range of various sponsors committed to fostering sustainability and innovation. The challenge will be judged by a distinguished panel of experts from various fields, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation process for all submissions.

Schedule and Key Dates

April 15: Launch of a dedicated webpage and the start of the submission period.

May 15: Submission deadline.

May 30: Midway announcement of leading entries.

June 15: Online awards ceremony to celebrate and recognize the winners.


Judge A: An inventor with experience. Currently releasing their third novel.

Judge B: An ocean evangelist. Believes in hands-on experience. Also skilled in video production.

Judge C: A pharmaceutical researcher. A professional in technical writing.

Judge D: Has experience in the environmental field across industry, government, academia, and public sectors. Excels in research.

Judge E: A designer graduated from a fine arts university. Currently engaged in regional revitalization through collaboration.

Language Support:Trillingual in Dubai with goal of working in Japan.

Award and Prize

The best choice of equity:1000$

Each Judge award:Detail Feedback + right to select goods

Audience popularity:500$

Additional support and sonsorship welcome

CI warmly invites individuals and organizations passionate about making a difference to participate in WIC3. This challenge is not just a contest; it's an opportunity to be part of a global movement aiming to tackle some of the most pressing issues through innovative thinking in education, employment, and entertainment.