The 3rd World Idea Challenge as GGG

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Circular In-finity (CI), a fighter in the realms of sustainable development and educational innovation, today unveiled the inception of the "3rd World Idea Challenge as GGG: Creatively Nudging Behavior for Genetic Genuine Generation." This initiative seeks to galvanize global intellect towards crafting a more equitable, fair, and sustainable future by leveraging the collective power of creative thinking and inclusivity.


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Applicants can show choice of equity as you like.

Empowering Global Creativity for Sustainable Development

At the heart of the Genetic Genuine Generation challenge is a call to arms for innovators, visionaries, and reformists to bring forth ideas that drive societal behaviors toward sustainability and equity. CI emphasizes the inclusion of diverse demographics, particularly those with disabilities and the unemployed, in contributing transformative solutions for an innovative future.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Innovation

Recognizing the indispensable value of diverse perspectives, the challenge is designed to be an inclusive platform. It celebrates and prioritizes voices from underrepresented sectors, including individuals with disabilities and the unemployed, underscoring their vital role in driving towards a fairer and more sustainable tomorrow.

Rewarding Contributions to Global Change

The challenge distinguishes itself by offering substantial rewards to participants, including:

Innovation Grant: Grants of $1,000 and $500 are allocated to help winners develop and actualize their pioneering ideas. This gesture is also an open invitation for potential sponsors to contribute to a noble cause.

Mentorship Program: Selected participants will gain access to mentorship from industry experts, facilitating the refinement and advancement of their proposals.

Audience Award: A prize of $500, coupled with global recognition through a feature in an international campaign, awaits the idea deemed most impactful by public vote.

Acknowledging Every Voice

CI is committed to valuing each participant's effort, evidenced by the issuance of a Certificate of Participation to all entrants. Special acknowledgments will further celebrate the unique contributions of participants with disabilities and those experiencing unemployment, ensuring their efforts are recognized and appreciated.

An Invitation to Impact the Future

The "3rd World Idea Challenge as GGG" represents an unparalleled opportunity for individuals across the globe to effectuate tangible change. CI warmly invites everyone to present their innovative solutions aimed at nudging the world toward greater equity and sustainability.

Mark Your Calendars

Anticipate further details and updates in our next press release scheduled for distribution on April 1st, revealing more about how you can contribute to this global movement.


The 1st challenge :

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The 3rd challenge


埼玉県、日本 – 2024年3月21日 /EINプレスワイヤー/-- 持続可能な開発と教育革新の先駆者であるCircular In-finity(CI)は、"第3回ワールド・アイデア・チャレンジ(GGG): 創造的なナッジングによる遺伝的真実世代への行動変容" の始動を発表しました。この取り組みは、創造的思考と包括性の集合的な力を活用することで、より公平で公正、そして持続可能な未来を創造するための全世界の知性を動員することを目指しています。

テーマ:公平な選択 - それは、気候変動についての小説の名前でもあります。参加者は、公平な選択を自由に表現することができます。